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Mac OS X Pinyin Keyboard

Entering Pinyin tone marks in Mac OS X is a little challenging. There are some ways to do so, most notably using the built-in “ABC Extended” keyboard layout, but the key combinations are not very intuitive. Hence I created my own layout that uses simple CTRL key shortcuts for entering the tones, for example:

  • Press CTRL-1, then any vowel for tone 1 marks: ā, ē
  • Press CTRL-2, then any vowel for tone 2 marks: á, é
  • Press CTRL-3, then any vowel for tone 2 marks: ǎ, ě
  • Press CTRL-4, then any vower for tone 4 marks: à, è
  • Press CTRL-5, then v to enter ü

To use the Pinyin keyboard layout, first download Unzip it and double-click the unzipped file to install it. Finally, go to System Preferences / Keyboard / Input Sources and add it to the list of active input sources.


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