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Georgi Beloev's Home Page

Georgi Beloev Welcome to my home page!

Here you will find some information about who I am, what I do, and what my interests are. I moved to the United States in October 2001 looking for new opportunities that my home country Bulgaria was not able to provide at the time. I wanted to work on more exciting and challenging projects and advance my career in engineering.

I got interested in Digital Signal Processing in college and have so far managed to work primarily in this area. More specifically, I would like to specialize in video processing and digital communications. Even though most of the time I work on optimizing DSP software, I have always considered myself positioned halfway between software and hardware. Hence I take every chance to work on hardware projects – either when an opportunity presents itself at work or when I find some spare time for a hobby project. For example, my last hobby project was a simple FPGA-based video processing board; it didn't do much but it was fun to design it, build it, and of course play with it ;-)


I got a job at Apple in January 2013! I am now a Senior Firmware Engineer in the iPhone/iPad Accessories Group. It is great to see how Apple creates its products and be part of it!

In October 2008 I started my own company — GB Consulting — specializing in developing and optimizing embedded software. It was exciting to work as a contractor and in the process I learned a lot about running a small business, negotiating contracts, and so on.

From March 2005 till May 2008 I worked as a Sr. DSP Engineer for MIPS Technologies – a company that created one of the most successful RISC processor architectures. My job was to implement DSP and multimedia algorithms and optimize them for best performance on our processors. I often worked with processor cores that had not been publicly announced yet and provided feedback for fine-tuning their performance. As a member of the MIPS Architecture Group, I also took part in advancing the MIPS architecture to better match the demands of tomorrow's applications.

Prior to joining MIPS, I worked as a DSP Engineer for Berkeley Design Technology Inc. (BDTI). At this position I helped analyze the performance of various processors on signal processing tasks by implementing a set of DSP benchmarks. I also created new benchmarks resembling video compression (H.264) and communications (OFDM) algorithms.


Photography is one of my hobbies and I usually take a lot of pictures when I go someplace nice. Occasionally some of the pictures I take turn out to be reasonably good, which makes me very happy. I upload many pictures online for my friends and family to see. Please feel free to browse them:


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